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Our Apartments and the building have quiet an interesting history:
Due to historical urban development our house is said to be quiet special: At the beginning of the 19th Century it has been quiet rare, that in the same building there has been private apartments and industrial productions at the same time. In our building people did so: There has been nice apartments with balconies in the front-building and its side-wing in the court-yard and in the Lofts in the back-yard  there has been industrial production-companies, like a cabinet-maker. Our building is even part of excursions teachers do with their pupils.
From 2006 to 2008 the „LIRA 32“ has been famous as THE place-to-be for parties and experimental projects in Berlin. The front building was well-known as the “Flamingo Beach Lotel”, a project created by the artist Miss Marylou: From floor to ceiling every flat was decorated in different „barocco-kitsch styles“, each by a different artist. Then the rooms were used for big public parties and as hotelrooms – all with the purpose to offer unforgettable arty experiences to interested people and to low-budget travellers.
In November 2009 we „discovered“ the Schiller-Kiez for us and fell in love with Li32. Within two weeks we managed to make our dream come true, collected all the money we had – and bought our apartments.
Very soon we had to learn, that everything was much more run-down as it could be seen at first side. Moreover the lofts in the back-yard-building were still rented to the „Bad Boys, the German-wide famous gay-club L32“, several students, squatters, filmmaker and artists. No problem with the neighbourhood, but the fact that sadly none of them had been interested in the stability or renovation of the building itself causes lots of problems and costs for us, until now.
In spite of all this we managed to reconstruct important parts of the building and our apartments within eight months – and we’re still working on it, even though we have to spend much more money into this as we thought when buying it. That’s the main reason we offer our apartments to you, our guests. But it’s worth it – we made our dreams come true having apartments of our own and try to rescue a bit of the „Flamingo Beach Lotel“-time: We want to leave as much of the graffities and paintings as possible. And of course the couple of pink flamingos on the right side of the building’s main entrance are as much „LIRA32-relicts“ as the nice wall paintings called “Heissball” and „La vie en Rose“ in the first courtyard or some of the art we found in our apartment and put on our kitchen’s wall again.
And maybe it also belongs to this building, that some of the apartments still host foreign guests and give tourists the opportunity to stay in this special place for a while.
So, if you feel curious of getting to know this extraordinary places we’re happy to welcome you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions.
All the best and see you soon
Uschi & Rainer
Schiller-Kiez in Neukölln
Our apartments are located in the so called „Schiller-Kiez“, a rather quit area with lots of beautiful, old houses and many big trees that is very close to the formerly Airport Tempelhof.
The Schiller-Kiez is a part of Neukölln, which is historically the oldest part of Berlin – and one of the largest as well. At the beginning of the last century the Schiller-Promenade had developed into an area for healthy people, which still can be seen looking at all the nice, rich and old buildings here.
Since then a lot changed: The Nazis built the enormous buildings and made it the third biggest Airport on Earth in this time. The Tempelhofer Airport was first used for military airplanes and transports during the the second World War. Then the „Luftbrücke“ took place here. Afterwards the airport was occupied by American military and since the 1980’ies opened to public airlines and private travellers.
As you can imagine it was very noisy here. Therefore the whole area around the airport became home of more or less poor working-class people and foreigners.
Since the Airport was closed in fall of 2009 the „Schiller-Kiez“ and Neukölln are changing a lot again: We have a very multi-culti neighborhood now, so everybody will feel at home rather soon. Lots of students, artists, young families and people from all over the world live here now. The typical „Berliner Eck-Kneipen“, the Biker-Pub „Bierbaum 3“, tatoo- and piercing-studios, „Trödel-shops“ and the typical „Spät-Kaufs“ exist in friendly neighbourhood to new restaurants, an enormous amount of little art-galleries, very individual and creative shops, schools, kindergarden, bio-market… – and they are getting more and more almost every week.
Every Saturday the bio-market takes place at the Herrfurth-Platz, the very original Cafés „Engels“, „Froillein Langner“, „Selig“ or the  „Pappel Reihe“ invite you for a coffee, breakfast or a little snack while you check your e-mails using their wifi. Several original Berlin Pubs offer you the local special drink „Futschi“, the new bars „Sowieso“ and „Bruchberg“ or the Airport’s Beergarden entertain you with partly spontaneous live-gigs and other arrangements. If you are the romantically type, just buy yourself some wine or beer, go to the incredible hugh former airfield, sit down, watch the amazing sunset and enjoy this unique atmosphere!
Moreover our „Kiez“ is very close to the hippest places in Berlin. To reach the Reuter-Kiez in Kreuzberg, so-called „Kreuz-Kölln“, for example there’s only 3 stops by subway or 10min by bicycle. To Oranienstrasse, the heart of Kreuzberg, it is only 4 stops. Rixdorf is really astonishing: it was founded in June, 15th of 1737 and still looks like a village – right in the middle of Neukölln… not far away you find a former prison, that is now often used as scene for movie-productions… If you are rather into visiting the palaces in Potsdam or the „Botanischen Garden“ you can get there quickly over the highway or take the S-Bahn nearby… A extraordinary walk will lead you to the ancient cemeteries we have nearby: there is a Christian, a old Jewish and a beautiful Muslim one – each of them very big and interesting to look at…There are so many places here around, you will find something interesting for every concern.
Since several years Neukölln celebrates the cultural highlight „48 Hours Neukölln“ in the middle of June: For 48 hours, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, every gallery, pub, art-interested shop or citizen invites interested people to have a look at what he has to show.
Your apartment is extremely good connected to all kinds of traffic. For more details of our „Schiller-Kiez“ and Neukölln just click here:
Hope to see you soon
Uschi & Rainer